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Instagram Wants A Video Selfie To Know You’re Real

If you are getting tired of websites (reads “robots”) asking you to confirm you are not a robot by clicking on random images of...

Research Has Revealed 3 Kinds Of Selfie Takers

Not all selfie takers are the same according to a study

Coca-Cola Has A Selfie Bottle And It Looks Ridiculous As It Sounds

Well this is the age we are living in

The Elusive Bacon Emoji Is Coming Afterall, Avocado and Selfie too

There are over 800 emoji characters  which can be found on multiple platforms in mobile and also on desktop. They have been used to...

You Can Now Get Paid Just for Taking Selfies

There’s no shortage of applications meant to achieve just about anything you fancy. The phrase “there’s an app for that” has come to signify...

Police Issue Guide for Selfie-Taking as Part of Safety Measures

Selfies have been described as everything from a necessity to an obsession to a disorder (yes, the American Psychiatric Association is reported to have...
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You Could Soon Unlock Your iPhone With A Selfie

Apple has applied and received a patent for unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition. In its patent application, Apple says using a mobile...

New Samsung Galaxy A Videos Tell Of An Active Lifestyle And GIF Selfies

Samsung's new smartphone range speaks volumes about their plan for 2015 onwards regarding new offerings. They first introduced the Galaxy Alpha late last year...

Course on taking selfies will now be taught at a UK college

  We're used to hearing all manner of crazy courses being offered by institutions of higher learning the world over. For instance the courses on...

Microsoft Lumia 535 Full Review: The New Standard for Affordable Smartphones

Though all the glamour of smartphone interest is primarily directed to the gleaming high end devices, it is increasingly clear that the market segment...

“Taking Selfies” Now Considered a Mental Disorder

The act of taking a "selfie" is now considered a mental disorder. "Selfitis" according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the obsessive compulsive desire...

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