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Tiktok Bans Russian Users From Uploading Content on the Platform

The social media space saw notable changes when TikTok was launched back in the day. The platform now is probably the most popular social...

Nigerian ISP Blamed for “Accidental” Internet Traffic Hijack on Google Services

In layman terms, Internet hijacking can simply be explained as the rerouting of internet traffic through a path that it was not intended to...

Russia Unblocks Yahoo After ISIS video is deleted

Russia is well known for its internet censorship. In May, the Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor wrote to three US tech companies warning them against...

Russia Toying with the Idea of Banning Same-Sex Emojis

  Russia may be planning to ban emojis presumed gay or promoting same-sex causes since they go against a law passed in 2013 that is...

Police Issue Guide for Selfie-Taking as Part of Safety Measures

Selfies have been described as everything from a necessity to an obsession to a disorder (yes, the American Psychiatric Association is reported to have...

Russia developing own Linux-based mobile operating system

In a bid to reduce reliance on foreign software, the Russian government is in the processing of developing an inhouse solution for mobile: a...
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Samsung Reported To launch High End Tizen Smartphone In New Smartphone Strategy

The Tizen conversation has been a rather very interesting one from Samsung, with numerous postponements and misses. New rumours and reports have it that...

It is a bad time to be a blogger in Russia

If you've been following then you probably know of that time when Media Council of Kenya CEO Harun Mwangi suggested that the body be charged with...
Microsoft headquarters

Microsoft under investigations over bribing government officials for software contracts

Investigations that were initiated in China and Italy  over bribery allegations on Microsoft Officials in the two countries have now spread out to include...

Samsung chose 5 high sales countries to launch first Tizen Devices

Tizen is still on course, albeit on a small scale. The high end platform that Samsung developed with Intel might see the light of...

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