Samsung chose 5 high sales countries to launch first Tizen Devices



Tizen is still on course, albeit on a small scale. The high end platform that Samsung developed with Intel might see the light of day in September. Tizen has been in development for over one year and it seems Samsung has been unsure whether to go all out with Tizen or to launch it as a fall back option. Tizen was developed from a merge of Meego OS and Samsung’s own Bada in a quest to develop a fluid OS independent of Google. It’s not an easy task to achieve that though.

Samsung is poised to roll out Tizen to 5 countries where they call the shots, Japan, France, United States, China and Russia. According to inductry insiders, these countries already have language support in Tizen and applications are already developed in the languages in these countries.

These markets happen to be where Samsung has a strong presence and also where the Bada based devices were selling. These two factors are strong indicators that Tizen would get acceptance.

Launch date could be in October 27th at the Samsung Developer Conference. Personally I have waited for a Tizen device and if I would go to great heights to get a device running Tizen, atleast of course if I could get one which wont give me trouble based on geographically set limitations in services.