Samsung Reported To launch High End Tizen Smartphone In New Smartphone Strategy

Tizen 3.0 techweez

Tizen 3.0 techweezThe Tizen conversation has been a rather very interesting one from Samsung, with numerous postponements and misses. New rumours and reports have it that the smartphone and electronics giant will be launching the Tizen smartphone in Russia and India, but slated to go worldwide.

Samsung is expected to cultivate an Apple-like ecosystem that will have the company make money off app ecosystem like Apple, Google and Amazon. Thus you shouldn’t be surprised if they decide to go premium with Tizen.

Well known leakstar EV Leaks has it that Samsung is working on four Tizen devices, SM-Z500, SM-Z700, SM-Z900 and SM-Z910. It would be hard at this point to tell what each of these devices represent, whether with each incremental number we get higher end specs or just a screen size bump.

The Wall Street Journal has it that “people familiar with the matter” touched on a Moscow launch in coming weeks in what will be a Galaxy-like magnitude launch just around the same time the Tizen Developer Conference happens in June.

Tizen has been known to be Samsung’s choice of platform for connected devices including the smart home environment like home entertainment and the smart connected home. Samsung already announced a Tizen powered Galaxy Gear 2 with a TV Remote Control and other devices in the home running the same ecosystem should’t be a hazy dream. With the smart home expected to be huge business between now and 2017, expect Samsung to be quite ready by now for that.