Course on taking selfies will now be taught at a UK college



Pope Francis takes a selfie with young people
Pope Francis takes a selfie with young people

We’re used to hearing all manner of crazy courses being offered by institutions of higher learning the world over. For instance the courses on Beyonce and Jay Z in American colleges are well documented. It comes as no surprise that a college in the United Kingdom is billing on the selfie storm for its next academic cash-cow.

From March this year, City Lit College, London will offer a course titled ‘The art of photographic self-portraiture’ to everyone interested in learning more about selfies like how to take the best selfies in whatever surrounding, ensuring best lighting and so on. According to The Telegraph, the course will last for a month at a cost of around $160.

The selfie-craze doesn’t look like it will be dying soon as it only seems to accelerate. The word selfie was voted word of the year 2013 and was honored with a place in the Oxford English dictionary by the world’s most celebrated language scholars and custodians of the English language. In early 2014 Ellen DeGeneres tweeted the most popular selfie of all time that was valued at around $1 billion and we now even have social networks just for sharing selfies. There are well documented instances of people dying while trying to take selfies in dangerous positions. At the late Nelson Mandela’s funeral service, it is a selfie that became hot news. Over the just ended holiday period, the selfie stick sold out in online and brick and mortar stores in the United States and retailers were grappling with orders as late as New Year’s eve. The self-portrait is here to stay and you may as well get a useless college certificate in it.


Photo: AFP via BBC