Angry Birds Maker, Rovio to cut 213 Jobs following Employee Negotiations


Rovio In July, Finnish company Rovio launched a sequel of Angry Birds called Angry Birds 2. The Angry Birds launched in 2009 and rapidly rose into one of the most popular games leading to follow-ups such  Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space and even one targeted at the female audience called Angry Birds Stella. In just a month, the game had gone on to hit the 50 million download mark. According to Rovio, the game peaked at number one in the Apple App Store in 100 countries, drawing a lot of engagements from those who have downloaded it especially from gaining a strong following in China, a market that was largely not in the picture when the first version of Angry Birds was released.

A few weeks later, Rovio announced it planned to cut 260 jobs as it sought to transition to a smaller, more profitable company. The company will concentrate its activities to three core areas of games, media and consumer goods. Now following employee  negotiations, Rovio will instead cut 213 jobs instead of the initial 260 plans. The job cuts will be concentrated in Finland. The negotiations took place throughout the entire organization with the exception of the team working on the Angry Birds movie. In its statement, the company promises to offer career support for those made redundant as a result of the reorganization. Angry Birds has over 3 Billion downloads in its entirety and went on to venture into branded merchandise such as toys. The company said it experienced exponential growth but ventured into so many things hence the need to focus on a few critical things.

you can watch the trailer for the Angry Birds movie below