Angry Birds 2 Reaches 10 Million Download Mark


angry birds 2

It may not be 2010 anymore but it looks like everyone was curious what Rovio had been cooking for 5 years when the game developer released its latest installation in the Angry Birds franchise and the second edition of the much-loved original Angry Birds last week.

While we expected Angry Birds to not disappoint, it’s been a while since this little birds were darlings and it’s great to hear that we’ve not become too obsessed with asking for lives from our friends to let Angry Birds 2 pass unnoticed. Ad you read this, Rovio has already registered over 10 million downloads.

The game’s popularity may be spurred not just by the famous Angry Birds name but also by the fact that it follows a freemium model: free with more additions for a smooth gameplay available via in-app purchases.

We’ll have to wait to see for how long the Angry Birds hype train lasts and if its new-found popularity will come close to that of the first edition. In total, the Angry Birds franchise has garnered over 2 billion downloads across all platforms.