A Bigger Badder Birdier Angry Birds 2 Coming On July 30

angry birds 2

angry birds 2Every so often, a game captivates the World and becomes the centre of all conversation. Remember Temple Run, Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Flappy Bird? Well one of those games, Angry Birds, is slated for a major comeback to captivate users as was the case not long ago. Angry birds is one of the most popular mobile games boasting of 3 billion downloads with over 15 games. Angry Birds has also been able to venture into branded merchandise and even a movie about the game.

The game’s developer, Rovio announced that Angry Birds 2 will be released in app stores worldwide on July 30th. The Finnish company has told the  millions of people out here who hate the green pigs and feel protective of birds eggs to “Follow Angry Birds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube during the next couple weeks and see something a little piggy is going on”. The company has also called the new game “the mother of all sequels”.

Angry Birds launched in 2009 and rapidly rose into one of the most popular games leading to follow-ups such  Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space and even one targeted at the female audience called Angry Birds Stella. Over time, the popularity of the game declined, with the rise of other games such as Temple Run, Candy Crush saga and Clash of the Titans.Looks like Rovio still has some Ammo left on this front, despite being very scanty with details about the upcoming game.  Frankly, I and many others thought the Angry Birds 2 was already out based on the many versions of the game available.