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No More Angry Birds For All Windows Devices

This isn't surprising at all.

Angry Birds Maker, Rovio to cut 213 Jobs following Employee Negotiations

In July, Finnish company Rovio launched a sequel of Angry Birds called Angry Birds 2. The Angry Birds launched in 2009 and rapidly...
Angry Birds Space Blackberry, Playbook

Popular Game Angry Birds Heading to Tizen

Angry Birds, the hit gaming franchise by Rovio, which boasts of over 3 billion installs since the first game was launched 5 years, is...

Angry Birds 2 has Been Downloaded Over 20 Million Times in Just a Week

Rovio's latest Angry Birds game and the second version since the first one came out 6 years ago surely got everyone slinging shots on...
angry birds 2

Angry Birds 2 Is Here!

A few weeks back, we told you that a sequel of Angry Birds was on the way. Angry birds is one of the most...
angry birds 2

A Bigger Badder Birdier Angry Birds 2 Coming On July 30

Every so often, a game captivates the World and becomes the centre of all conversation. Remember Temple Run, Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Flappy...

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Coming Out on September 19

A fan of the birds and the pigs that have graced our smartphone and tablet screens for the last few years? I personally enjoyed...
Angry Birds Playground

Angry birds takes its 500 million downloads victory to playground

It has been the world's most popular game for a while now, available on web, Apple store, Android and Nokia Store. Starting next year,...
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Angry birds full version for free!

Angry birds is free. Well as of today morning i cant remember where i found this link but on opening a chrome subdomain on...