Samsung is Working on the Galaxy View, a Ridiculously Large Android Tablet



It’s the age of large tablets that can do much more than play the latest iteration of Angry Birds. One that you can proudly take to the office brainstorming session, use at home for entertainment and turn to when on a long commute. Whereas tablet shipments haven’t been that great, the recent change in heart by the likes of Apple on how to approach the tablet as a central product is sure to spur a lot of interest on the big tablet.

For the most part, big tablets are pointless. We have to call them big tablets because they are no better than more productivity focused products like Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup which just got even better with the release of the Surface Pro. They are also less attractive because 8-9 inch is the new tablet sweet spot and we already have some ridiculously large smartphones (so large that we no longer refer to them as phablets since they are now the norm rather than the exception).

Even then, Samsung believes it can bring to the table something that will win the consumer’s heart. We can’t be sure about that at the moment and since it’s not up to us to do that, we’ll let you in on what is now public information thanks to the folks at Sammobile: Samsung, as has been rumoured for a while now, is on the verge of releasing a ridiculously large Android tablet called the Galaxy View.


From the above image, it is worth noting that the Galaxy View tablet will be a rare device. Rare not because of the large display but because of the lack of the signature physical home button we’ve come to expect from just about any Samsung device. That means we won’t be seeing a fingerprint scanner on this tablet, right?


Since it is a large device, as can be seen from the above photos, the Galaxy View also comes with a kickstand so that users can place it on a table and watch a movie. From the leaked images, which appear to be mainly promotional material, it is apparent that Samsung is positioning this as a content consumption device. Somewhere to stream live sports, watch movies and TV shoes etc. Not something you’ll be using all the time to do spreadsheets at the office. And that is a good thing. It is a much better approach than Google’s Pixel C whose essence (besides being a showcase) is lost in the process.

Pretty much the mission statement of the Galaxy View
Pretty much the mission statement of the Galaxy View

Android doesn’t do a good job when it comes to the level of productivity you’d want to get off a Microsoft Surface-like device and it isn’t such a great thing trying to position a different device as a Surface alternative. It’s essentially the same thing with iOS and iPads. Mobile platforms like Android and iOS can only go so far. With a keyboard likely to be an accessory that Samsung won’t make much noise about, it’s great that the Galaxy View knows its place at such an early stage.


Source: Sammobile


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