Kenyan Social Media Users React to President Kenyatta’s Frequent Travels

From Nexus
From Nexus
Courtesy: Nexus

The president has made quite a number of trips over the last two years and the recent 3 country tour led Kenyans on Twitter make fun of his numerous travels by tagging tweets with the hashtag #UhuruInKenya

A plausible reason why people reacted in this manner is due to the general lack of information from the government to the public about the intentions of the several visits. Most of the tweets tagged with the hashtag generally  depicted the President as a traveller who is only in the country temporarily only to depart later to another country. Here are some of the most popular tweets that were posted using the #UhuruInKenya hashtag.

There is a parody Twitter account @UKKenyatta with the website in its bio which at the time displayed “NO” when opened but it is currently offline. There is also the @IsUhuruInKenya  parody account that is dedicated to tweet about the president not being in the country.

On Facebook, the comments on the President’s official page was a concoction of varied opinions that ranged from concern of the legion of visits and others made fun of the situation.

The official government Newsroom, Nexus, later on released a statement on Twitter about the President’s trips around Africa and the world. There is also an entire article that gave a summary of the intentions of the various visits the president made on the Nexus website.

This reaction to the President trips is all due to lack of information about the purpose of the trips and the cost and that is why the government was quick to release a graphic detailing what the country will be benefiting from. Unlike previous regimes where we relied on traditional mass media for information on this trips, we are rather fortunate to obtain this information from government run social media accounts and dedicated websites.



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