Facebook revised its criticized “real name” policy so as to solve some key issues

Facebook Real Name

Facebook Real Name

Facebook’s real name policy has been criticized for a while now where names from some communities were not recognized by the algorithms and the confirmation time took a while. The company has finally decided to revise the whole system so that it can be more efficient.

The first problem to be solved was in name reporting. This is critical for people who need to report about a certain profile that is using their real names on Facebook.Previously, people could just report a fake name but in this iteration, Facebook has attempted to solve this by introducing a tool that adds several steps to provide them with reasons about the report. You can be able to report a potential catfish/bot or a person who has hijacked someone’s real name.


The second problem was the issue of verifying your name on Facebook. This usually takes a while since your name needs to be verified by the company. The new tool will now let you give more information about your situation so that the review team on Facebook can be able to offer personalized support to you and make improvements on the feature later on. It will now look like this:

verifying your name on Facebook

Facebook also said they have made other changes like availing more options and documents people can use to verify their name. Another really awesome change is a person will have access to their account for a week when their name is being verified by Facebook. This is not all and the company says that “we will be looking at other ways we can reduce the number of people who have to go through an ID verification experience.” This will prevent such incidences like the one where Facebook took a while to verify a lady’s name who goes by the name Isis.

Unfortunately, these new tools are being tested in the US but will only be rolled out globally after receiving feedback from the current targeted audience.