Kenya Power Bot is a Telegram bot for checking your electricity bill

Kenya Power Telegram bot

Kenya Power Telegram bot

The Bot platform of Telegram Messenger is one of the cool things about the chatting app. These bots do various automated tasks for you and they are quite specific in what they do. There are bots that check the weather for you, one that retrieves images and gifs, deliver jokes, alerts, trivia games and so much more.

These bots are designed to be utilitarian in nature so as to make our lives easier and there are quite some useful Telegram bots out there. However in this case, we have stumbled on one Telegram bot that can be quite useful for the ordinary Kenyan out there:

Kenya Power bot 1

The Kenya Power bot is designed to make it easier to know the status of your prepaid or postpaid account. You can be able to check your postpaid bill or check your last purchased token if you have a prepaid account with Kenya Power.  Once you add the bot to your list of Telegram chats, it will greet you with the “start” button at the button at the bottom which gives you an overview of what the bot can do. In order to use its features, type /home or # so as to populate the list of options as shown below:

Kenya Power bot 2

As you can see from the above screenshot, you can check the last token or the last 5 tokens you bought, your postpaid bill, monthly charge and even your debt status. This is what I noticed after using the service:

  • If you end up querying for your account status, either postpaid or prepaid, it will show you a detailed breakdown of your usage complete with the taxes levied on your electricity bill.
  • In the case of the prepaid accounts, it will show you the actual token(s)  you used which is useful for future reference.
  • For postpaid accounts, it will also display your current reading, previous reading, billed units, your balance and paid amounts. Very useful indeed.
  • The debt option only works for prepaid accounts.
  • A weird thing to note is that the queries for prepaid accounts take relatively longer to be processed than the postpaid accounts but it is nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, it is a very useful bot and I highly recommend everyone to use it. You can add the Kenya Power bot here. Which other awesome Telegram bots have you been using? Tell us in the comments below or in our forums.



  1. This is only for querying what you have already purchased? (For prepaid that is)
    It’d be cooler if you could purchase via the bot.
    Good start though, it has potential

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