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This Kenyan Telegram Bot Calculates MPESA Fees For You

It even understands Sheng to some degree!
telegram supergroup

Telegram Expands Supergroup Member Limit To 10,000, Admins Can Have Bot Police

This is one major update on Telegram Messenger
Election Poll Bots

How a Kenyan Developer is Leveraging the Power of Telegram Bots for Polling

The last person you interacted with online, how sure are you that was a human being? When sci-fi movies "predicted" that robots would be...

Telegram’s Latest Update Brings Video Messages, Bot Payments and Instant View for Everyone

Telegram has proven time and time again that it is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to features and true to this,...

Research: Around 48 Million Twitter Accounts Are Just Bots

It is not news that Twitter has had a growth slump over the years and also, it is not news that we suspected that...

LinkedIn Will Get A Visual Overhaul And New Features Like Bots

LinkedIn is adding features we have seen on other social networks and a visual overhaul which is the first major move after being acquired by Microsoft

Facebook Messenger Platform Gets 6 New Features and Now Has 11,000 Bots

Facebook announced the improved Messenger platform in April during the F8 conference which included the introduction of bots. There were very few Messenger bots...

Foursquare has jumped into the bot bandwagon with a new app

Foursquare was a really popular app back then which was focused on letting people check in on locations, earn points and become the mayor...

Telegram now allows you to edit your typos and much more

Telegram Messenger has quite a lot of new features over its brief 3 year existence and they are not done. This time round, they...
silicon valley bots

There are bots that allow you to chat with characters from the TV show “Silicon valley”

Bots are now the cool thing this year and they are popping up from all corners and this time round, they are way smarter...

Telegram gets a leg up in the bot rush with a $1 million grant to developers

The bot age is on full swing and it has been accelerated by the likes of Telegram Messenger who introduced their platform on June...

Telegram bolsters its bots platform to show who is boss

Telegram Messenger introduced bots to its platform last year and it was an interesting update. You could now interact with autonomous programs that delivered...

Skype introduced a Bot Platform, late of course

Automated bots are the new in-thing on messaging apps. We've used them on Telegram and Slack and they are starting to be used on...
Kenya Power Telegram bot

Kenya Power Bot is a Telegram bot for checking your electricity bill

The Bot platform of Telegram Messenger is one of the cool things about the chatting app. These bots do various automated tasks for you...

Facebook Messenger might have bots just like Telegram or Slack

Slack and Telegram Messenger have a bot platform and these bots are programs that perform certain automated tasks for you. They have become quite...

This Guy Used a Bot on Twitter to Win 1000 Contests

One Hunter Scott had an idea. Scott wrote on his blog that he noticed that on Twitter there are contests and wondered if anyone...

Check Out This Web-MD like Bot for Telegram Messenger

Telegram introduced bots on their platform which they defined as "Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they'll often have AI...

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