There are bots that allow you to chat with characters from the TV show “Silicon valley”

silicon valley bots

pied piper bot

Bots are now the cool thing this year and they are popping up from all corners and this time round, they are way smarter thanks to the current gen AI. They have been popularized in social networks like Telegram Messenger, Facebook Messenger and others also make bots for Twitter.

The ultimate goal of bots is making sure that the AI behind the scenes is able to replicate a real human to human conversation that could happen in real life. One of the ways we see real life human conversations is on TV and this is what this AI named Luka wants to achieve.

These developers have come up with bots that are based on Luka that will allow you to have a conversation with characters from HBO’s TV show “Silicon Valley.” If you are a fan of the TV show, you will know it is about a startup’s struggles in Silicon Valley and the characters have different personalities. The bots that have been released are based on these characters on Silicon Valley: Russ, the eccentric billionaire, Pied Piper founder Richard and Elrich, the incubator owner.

silicon valley bots

“One of the reasons we started Luka was a desire to create an AI with personality,” Eugenia Kuyda says in the blog, “A huge part of our experiments with neural networks was to learn how to recreate it.” Apparently it was hard work as creating a bot for Russ involved tracking his tweets and every statement he made on the show which totalled to slightly more than a thousand lines.

It is an interesting experiment by the group of developers and it is a testament of how people are teaching AI to create more meaningful conversations. If you want to test out the bots, they are available for iOS.