Telegram Expands Supergroup Member Limit To 10,000, Admins Can Have Bot Police

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telegram supergroup

telegram supergroup

Telegram Messenger announced supergroups way back in 2015 which were variations of the normal groups that had vastly way more members. In normal Telegram groups, you could only have 200 members and initially supergroups let you have upto 1000 members.

Later on, Telegram decided to extend further the membership limit of a supergroup to 5000 which sounded insane. Well now they have even decided to raise the ceiling again where this time they have doubled it.

Telegram today has announced that supergroups will now have 10,000 members each, which can be the size of a small town. Since managing such groups can be quite hectic, the company also announced new tools that will help managing such huge groups.

First, admins and users can use search to find specific users among them. In a supergroup that can potentially have 10,000 members, you may not have the patience to go through the drop down list to find someone.

Also, creators can give specific sets of priviledges to admins to help run the community. You can let them change group info, delete messages, ban users, pin messages or add other admins.

Admins will also give partial bans to members from their supergroups without necessarily completely banning them. You can limit them to such activities like reading or sending messages and not letting them sending media or links, which is great! You can even use admin bots to impose temporary or permanent bans based on actions by members which means admins can have bot police.

recent admin actions telegram

Since these supergroups can have multiple admin, there is a need to have a way to know who did what in the group. That is why Telegram added a “recent actions” section to the admins page which has a log of all actions taken in the group in the last 48 hours and it is visible to admins only.

In the update, Telegram 4.1 for iOS will now have an improved sharing extension. When sharing stuff from other apps to Telegram, you can add an optional comment and select multiple recipients.

On Android, Telegram 4.1 will get you Android Pay support for Bot Payments and improved photo and video selection.

Lastly, this update features anti-censorship tools like the ability to set up a Proxy Server under “Data and Storage” section in Settings.

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