Telegram now allows you to edit your typos and much more



Telegram Messenger has quite a lot of new features over its brief 3 year existence and they are not done. This time round, they have announced 4 new features that will help in improving the experience of the already great chatting platform.

Editing your Messages

We are humans and we are bound to making mistakes while chatting on social networks. That is why the editing is so important and sites like Instagram and Facebook let you edit your posts. The new update in Telegram will allow you to edit your messages while on chats (which includes one-on-one chats and group chats). You only need to tap and hold on a message and tap edit while on mobile and on desktop, tap on the up arrow button to edit the message.

Attaching Bots

Telegram has made it easier to access inline bots. If you open the attachment menu, they will be below the usual attachments (photos, file, location and contact) and the more you use them, the higher they climb on the ladder. This will be useful if you use a lot of bots and you only need to use a few that you use a lot.


Twitter is known for the “mentions” functionality, which allows you to chat directly to someone by mentioning them using the @ button. The same functionality has now been baked to Telegram where you can now mention people while in a group even if they don’t have a username. Previously, it was cumbersome to mention someone in a group and this is a welcome update.

Other improvements include a People List which allows you to access your recent chats within Search and interface improvements like quick sharing buttons on forwarded messages. In addition, iOS users are lucky in that Telegram will now remember the scrolling position while on chat which is really cool.

The company still promises more updates in the future and you can never know what they will surprise us with next.

Source: Telegram Blog