Check Out This Web-MD like Bot for Telegram Messenger


8736775700_00271bbef5_z Telegram introduced bots on their platform which they defined as “Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they’ll often have AI features. They can do anything – teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things”. They introduced bots support on the desktop app on the 0.8.31 update and version 3 of the Android & iOS apps.

One interesting bot that has been created is called @icliniqBot which is a Telegram bot where you can ask actual doctors about medical advice. There are several steps to use the service:

Step 1. Search for @icliniqBot on the Telegram app for mobile or click here and it will show you a pop up message informing you of the service.

Step 2: Press the start button at the bottom (If you have an older version of Telegram, just say Hi).


Step 3: Type in your health query. Make sure to give enough information to the doctor then later type “done”.


After you type “done”, you’ll receive a notification with a reference number that indicates the query has been submitted. Later on, you will receive an answer from the doctor where his/her name is indicated at the bottom.


The first query you make is free, however in order to get unlimited medical advice from the service, you need to pay $19 per month. This lets you get medical advice from over 800 doctors who are specialized in over 71 different areas.

The iCliniqBot is not the only notable bots that are available on Telegram. Others include:

1. TriviaBot as from its name gives you a trivia where you answer questions where the answers are in multiple choice. You can also add it to groups so as to compete with your friends.

2. ImageBot is actually my favourite Telegram bot. You can search for images & GIFs by using keywords and it will display a relevant image

3. PollBot This bot is used to create simple polls that you use in a group where you can see the results or ultimately close the pall & show the final results.

4. AlertBot This is used to set reminders where you set the time. When you set a reminder, a timer icon is shown next to the emoji icon.

5. HotOrBot This is a Tinder like dating bot where it will ask you few questions about yourself, preferences and your location and the bot will find matching people from around your area.