LinkedIn Will Get A Visual Overhaul And New Features Like Bots

LinkedIn is getting up to speed



If you’ve been using the Internet for at least 5 years, you would know LinkedIn as a network where you connect with other professionals and it has grown to a community of over 400 million active users. It was recently bought by Microsoft for a whopping $26 billion and now we are seeing changes that are being effected on the network.

First they are adding features we have seen on other social networks which include bots and personalized newsfeeds. They will also add recommendations for online training courses which will be useful for people looking for such content on LinkedIn. Bots are the new hot trend for 2016 as Telegram Messenger and Facebook Messengers also have a bot platform too.

LinkedIn’s case will have conversational chat bots just like Telegram and Messenger which will be based on Microsoft’s technology. Apparently one of the bots featured will be one that will help you schedule a meeting with another LinkedIn user. The personalized newsfeeds will be a timeline where you will see articles or announcements made by your contacts.

The other big announcement was the redesigned desktop design which is more than welcome since it looks dated when compared to the mobile app. LinkedIn’s VP of Product, Ryan Roslansky was quoted as saying that the mobile app still “feels disjointed with our desktop experience.” Amy Parnell, LinkedIn’s Senior Director was quoted explaining the new design: “Users want to know that they look their best and they’re leveraging the platform to the best of its ability.” Amy also was quoted giving a reason for the redesign: ” We found with our mobile experience when you clean up the interface…this gets people engaged.”

This is how the redesigned site looks like.

Via DigitalTrends
Via DigitalTrends


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