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Job cuts in LinkedIn, Qualcomm, T-Mobile and Kenya Start ups

Tech Job Cuts Continue: LinkedIn, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm Slash Workforce

In the last 12 months, tech companies across the globe have been in a downsizing spree. Unfortunately, this job cuts trend continues unabated. Microsoft...
LinkedIn scam stealing personal data

Beware! LinkedIn Scam Preying on Job Seekers

With the growth of remote jobs, a LinkedIn scam has also taken root. The intention of the scammers appears to be data collection from...
X Hiring job listings for verified organizations

X Hiring: Job Listings Feature for Verified Organizations

X Hiring is the latest new feature to be added to X (formerly Twitter). The X hiring feature was announced in June and has...
Instagram Reels vs TikTok

Kenyans Are the Most Online Users in Africa

I thought I was a chronic online user and then I looked at the data and the revelations are wild when it comes to...
linked in lite

Microsoft-Owned LinkedIn Exits China

LinkedIn is calling it quits on its China operations citing challenging operating environment thanks to strict government compliance requirements. Microsoft is shutting down its China...

To Push A Hybrid Work Experience, LinkedIn and MS Have Made 40 Learning Courses Free for HR Pros

Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft and its social media and professional platform LinkedIn have launched several new features and product innovations to help companies transition...
LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories Are Getting Shut Down at the End of September

New month. New features getting killed. Following Twitter's Fleets, LinkedIn Stories are getting shut down. Twitter killed Fleets last month and this month LinkedIn...

Biggest Social Media Data Leaks This Year So Far

As data becomes the goldmine of all time, April of 2021 has shown nothing but a continuous leakage of this resource. Several tech companies...

LinkedIn Joins Spotify With Playlists for Different Career Stages

I don't know what's up at LinkedIn but they need to catch up with the times. They recently began testing Stories internally and will soon...

Linkedin Is Testing Stories Because Millenials Use It Frequently

Social networking sites started by being a notice board where you can see people's posts when you scroll down. Snapchat changed that game with...
mobile user

Simple Mobile Money Transaction Reveals Underlying Privacy Loopholes

A typical Kenyan day involves at least one instance where you will leave your phone number either at a security desk while getting into a...

Microsoft Buys Github, Apple Trolls Facebook, Dramatic Departure of WhatsApp Founders from Facebook

In this week's Clicked, we cover Github's acquisition by Microsoft, Apple's WWDC and the shade they gave Facebook and the expensive split from Facebook...
linkedin video official
linked in lite

LinkedIn Follows the Trend by Launching a Lite App

LinkedIn has to keep up with the likes of Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn Gains 100 million Users In 18 Months

  LinkedIn is one of the major social networks around and it is easy to disregard how big it is. On October of 2015, they...

LinkedIn Revises Some of its Privacy Policies and Announces that Bots are Coming

LinkedIn, which was acquired by Microsoft a while ago, is a social media platform for professionals who are looking to expand their career goals...

Finally, LinkedIn Refreshes its Desktop Website

The long wait is over.

LinkedIn Wants To Help Know Your Profession’s Earning Potential

LinkedIn has announced a really useful feature that will help you know how much you can be paid in a profession that you are in or wish to be in.

LinkedIn Will Get A Visual Overhaul And New Features Like Bots

LinkedIn is adding features we have seen on other social networks and a visual overhaul which is the first major move after being acquired by Microsoft
microsoft and linked in

See this Hilariously Plausible Visualization of LinkedIn Under Microsoft

Microsoft, the giant tech company made headlines yesterday when they announced that they have bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash! It made sense...

Microsoft Adds Linkedln to its Professional Network for $26.2 Billion

Now Microsoft has a new platform where they can continue to urge you to switch to windows 10
Job Search

LinkedIn Rolls out Job Search For Android

LinkedIn has finally rolled out its Job Search app for Android, 9 months after rolling out the iOS version. The app allows users to...
Paul Kukubo ICT Board

Former Kenya ICT Board Chief edits LinkedIN page to reflect new role

Former Kenya ICT Board CEO has just updated his bio to reflect his new role. This comes after the come to an end of...

LinkedIn to Acquire Pulse for $90 million

LinkedIn has confirmed its acquisition of Pulse, a popular news reader application. Pulse makes mobile news aggregation and content distribution application. The acquisition is...

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