Netflix declared war on VPNs but you can still watch a lot of content in Kenya

Netflix logo

Netflix logo

Netflix, the giant streaming service has an impressive repository that allows users to watch TV shows and movies provided they have a data plan. They produce their own original content as well as content from other studios. It solved a problem which was making it easy to watch TV shows and movies with very reasonable price points.

There has been an unique problem for Netflix where not all content is available in each country thanks to licencing issues. This has led to a situation where you can only view certain content in certain countries while totally missing in others. Netflix users noticed this and since they want to watch their favourite show which is unavailable in their area, VPNs have become invaluable in this regard.

The company does not like that and Netflix’s Vice President of Content Delivery, Mr David Fullagar explained why they dont. “Some  members use proxies or unblockers to access titles available outside their territory. ‘” he says in the post. “In the coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are.”

Netflix has surely declared war on VPNs but there is a silver lining to this. They promised to make sure the content in their repository will be globally available so as to make VPNs unnecessary. The company sure had to come after VPNs after they made a surprising announcement of their expansion to 130 new countries including Kenya and they knew more and more people will be involved in this practice.

In Kenya, you can access 199 TV shows and 463 movies on Netflix which is a healthy number but lags behind the likes of US who can access 1157 TV shows and 4,453 movies. Check out the list of TV shows that are available on Netflix in Kenya here and the list of movies here.