Twitter rolled out 3 special apps to a handful of celebrities so as to boost Moments


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The celebrity status has its perks and one obvious one is the ability to influence a lot of people on social media. This has led to brands paying them for posts and some of these amounts are ridiculously high.

Social networks on the other hands have noticed that a lot of people login to keep up with celebrities on their platforms and that is why they have been given special treatment of late. Facebook started by launching Mentions, which was an app that allowed celebrities or brands with verified accounts to make live broadcasts. Now, Twitter is being reported to have special apps to celebrities that improve its Moments product.

So what is Twitter offering celebrities? Well, they are three apps offered to a handful of celebrities:

  • Twitter Camera app

Selfies have become part an parcel of our current internet savvy generation and a typical celebrity selfie generates a lot of interactions. Twitter created the camera app so as to let celebrities take selfies and customize it by adding overlays like hashtags, emojis and the likes. This was spotted last year during the MTV VMA’s where Taylor Swift and others were spotted using it

This will be great for Moments since at its core, it is supposed to be very visual and engaging in nature. The addition of the Twitter Cam will turn these celebrities to journalists of sorts as they use it to broadcast what is happening around them

  • Twitter Q&A 

With this app, Twitter will make it easier for celebrities to interact with fans. The fans will be able to see a stream of video and responses that seamlessly flow and the celebs in turn will be able to go through the stream of tweets with ease and flagging what question to answer. An example of a Twitter Q&A is the one done by John Boyega from the new Star Wars movie. This has potential to rival Reddit’s famous AMA’s but Twitter needs to roll out Moments worldwide for it to become a success.

  • Twitter Challenger

This is geared to make the posts more engaging where as TechCrunch puts it: “presents celebrities with a prompt to act upon and express themselves with.”It would also integrate Q&A functionality