Samsung Unveils Upgraded Version of its Gear S2 Smartwatch, Now Rocks Rose Gold and Platinum



Smartwatches are marketed as fashion accessories and lifestyle products most of the time and they have to look the part. Samsung’s newest smartwatch, the Gear S2, is getting a facelift to bring it up to speed with the competition. Apple, the makers of the Apple Watch, have had the pricey Apple Watch Edition on sale for a while now. Another model of the Apple Watch being praised for its styling, the Apple Hermès, went on sale last week. Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic New Edition which also has a Rose Gold version is now available in China.

The Gear S2 Classic Edition is also available in another version besides the Rose Gold, Platinum.

The Rose Gold Gear S2 Classic Edition has an 18 karat gold plating and an Ivory Genuine Leather Band. The Platinum one has a Black Genuine Leather Band.

The Platinum Gear S2 Classic New Edition
The Rose Gold Gear S2 Classic New Edition

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic New Edition is not new, it was showcased at the concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas early this month. It is the models rocking different materials that are being announced for the first time.

While hardware technical specifications of the smartwatch have not changed, there have been a few added features software-wise. New apps like Uber have been added as have new watch faces.

The new watch faces
The new watch faces

Despite obviously being very high-end products, the new Gear S2 Classic Edition won’t be as costly as say the Apple Watch Edition or the Apple Watch Hermès. Samsung’s 18-karat gold-plated watch will cost about $520, a far cry from the $17,000 one has to part with to get Apple’s top of the range equivalent or between $1,100 and $1,500 for the Hermès. To be fair, though, Apple’s watch is solid gold while Samsung’s just has a plating.

The new version of the Gear S2 will also be available in markets outside China at an unannounced date.