WhatsApp silently increases the number of participants of a group chat

whatsapp group limit

whatsapp group limit

WhatsApp is not new in adding silent updates to its app. The seven year old network has added quite a bit of interesting features low key as updates on APK Mirror before hitting the various app stores. We saw a silent update of a potential Google Drive backup which became official later on and other one that didn’t properly highlight links from Telegram Messenger.

In this new update, it is yet another rather silent update where the group member limit has been increased to 256 members. Previously the limit was 100 members which was rather limiting when compared to a competing chatting app like Telegram Messenger which had a limit of 200 members. Telegram however later on introduced super groups which inflated the already large group size to a limit of 1000 members in a single group provided the group reaches the limit and applies for the extension.

Groups are a huge part of the WhatsApp experience and from the results Facebook released recently, it revealed that there are one billion groups on the platform. This is the same as the number of active users on the platform so technically there is one group for each active users available on WhatsApp.

We have several things to look forward to from WhatsApp this year. There were leaked screenshots of video calling functionality which will make it be on par with Messenger and Viber. There were other leaks of future updates where WhatsApp will share your account details with its parent company Facebook. So as for now, your favourite groups will become more chattier than ever.