Customer service on Twitter will be better thanks to these 2 new tools

Twitter customer service


Twitter customer service

One of the great things about social media is how it has made it easy for general public to post queries to brands about their products, whether to ask more information or logging in a complaint. Twitter is one of those major social networks where people naturally post their queries to various brands due to its real time nature and it has made it easy for us to get our complaints fixed relatively faster than previous methods.

Twitter has noticed that the platform was being used effectively for customer care. This is why they introduced features first to brands like a filter of tweets and replies (that was later on rolled out to everyone) and purchasing Tweetdeck. They also increased the character limit of DMs so that those queries can be longer without the previous 140 character limit.

Now Twitter announced 2 new features that the company thinks will improve the customer care delivery on the platform. The first feature is to make it easier to have the conversation on the DM and the second is customer feedback

Starting a DM from a conversation on the timeline

DMprompthalfMost customer queries to brands start at the timeline and if there is need to share personal information, it ends up on the DM. Now in this new update, the brand can now add a link to their tweets which on the customer end shows a call to action button (send a private message link). On tapping the button, the customer and the brand can now continue with their conversation on the DM.

Customer feedbackNPSFeedbackhalfJust like traditional customer care systems, brands like to know their level of customer care they offer to their customers. On Twitter, the response was generally oral and not structured in a scale level. Twitter revealed that brands have wanted the ability to measure their service experience so that they can improve their customer care on the platform. This tool does exactly that where it will be possible for customers to rate their customer experience on the DM.

The Direct Message links from the timeline have already been rolled worldwide but the Customer Feedback option will be rolled out to select bands in the next few weeks.



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