Uganda’s Internet Penetration at 37.4% of Population



The Uganda Communication Commission this week released Q3 Post, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Market and Industry Report for the financial year 2015/2016 (July-September 2015). Based off the report, the mobile telephony industry in Uganda grew by 3.4% in the quarter from the previous 2.2%. This saw an increase in the number of  mobile subscribers to 22,646,850 from 21,910,000 subscribers in the previous quarter. The report did not however highlight the performance of individual mobile service providers.

Internet penetration in Uganda stood at 37.4% of the population with  total Mobile internet subscriptions in Uganda growing to 6,463,479 in Q3 2015 from  6,057,148 subscribers in Q2 2015 representing a 0.07% growth in number of subs. SMS registered a growth of 0.05% from 691,781,163 SMS to 727,534,070 SMS. In the broadcasting subsector, the number of analogue TV stations drop from 67 to 28, the number of digital terrestrial TV stations, and the number of digital satellite TV stations remained unchanged.

Mobile money services also witnessed marginal growth with mobile money subscribers growing by  0.02% up from 19.5m to 19.9m subscribers. The number of transactions grew by 11.7% to 185 million transactions from 165 million with the number  mobile money agents growing by 0.09% from 96,463 to 105,304 in Q3. You can read the entire report here

img credit: BBC


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