A designer visualized Maasai warriors as cyborgs

maasai aliens sci fi
IMG credit: Rodrigo Galdino
maasai aliens sci fi
IMG credit: Rodrigo Galdino

The Maasai tribe is arguably the most famous community from Kenya thanks to their rich culture and their reputation as fierce warriors (the Morans). When they are seen in their colourful red shawls anywhere in the world, they showcase their heritage and promote the country in a good light. In particular, those shawls are revered so much in that famous fashion brands (Louis Vuitton and Valentino) have incorporate their designs in their collections.

The recognition of the Maasai culture has not stopped there. Now a designer by the name Rodrigo Galdino  from the United States came up with concepts of the Maasai tribe in an alien costume.  Apparently, it was a project of a design class and it was intended to be a mashup of the Maasai tribe and the well known Star Wars universe. The work was published on the site about 4 months ago and this is how he describes the project:

When a tribe distant from civilization meets an abandoned foreign/alien facilities and vehicles, assimilating its knowledge in high-end technology merging culture, religiosity and military technology.

Here the alien-Maasai cyborg holds an advanced spear, prosthetic alien limbs and a breastplate/helmet combo as an alien contraption levitates above his right hand.


Almost similar to the first, but with a additional waist buckle and a different shawl fold.


In this concept, the Maasai warrior cyborg rides on an alien craft that looks like two metal shields with decals from the traditional Maasai colours. This was consequently named “Maasai Speeder”


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