Dropbox Clocks 500 Million Users, 75% From Outside the United States

Dropbox Hacked

Dropbox Hacked

Cloud storage service Dropbox has hit the half a billion user mark. The service has taken just 9 months to add 100 million new users since it registered its 400 millionth user in June 2015. Early this year, Dropbox’s Android application hit the half a billion download mark on the Google Play Store.

Its most recent users have come from several countries including Britain, Germany, India and several other countries. Overall, 75% of Dropbox’s users are from outside the United States, stating how important the service has become globally.

Buoyed by incentives like free added storage for every user referred to the service, 44% of all new users registered in the last one year have all come the from the service’s existing users.

According to Dropbox, users have created 3.3 billion connections by sharing documents, photos, videos and other files with each other, a 51% jump from the previous year.

Dropbox as a company has recently taken steps to focus on its core service, cloud storage offering, and cutting off other services it was offering like email (Mailbox) and standalone photo app Carousel. The service has recently been adding several features to keep its users engaged like the ability to add comments to collaborative documents and adding links by dragging and dropping them.

Here are some other interesting statistics about Dropbox usage by businesses as released yesterday:

  • It is used by 8 million businesses
  • Of all those, 150,000 businesses are paying customers
  • 25,000 businesses are added per quarter

It will be interesting to see the features the service will be adding in 2016 as it seeks to stand out from a field that consists of competitors like Box, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive.