Bamba TV to add 30 more Channels to Offering


bamba tv

A few weeks ago, Techweez reported exclusively that Standard Media Group’s KTN had bought a 50% in Radio Africa’s Bamba TV. The Kshs. 300 Million deal sought to bring new content for Bamba audience , which KTN has been keen on acquiring. Bamba TV, a free to air  set top box has 28 channels; 7 movie channels, 3 of which are African channels and other international ones, there are three cartoon channels, 4 lifestyle channels including fashion TV and cars TV. There is also a 24 hour Telenovela Channel.

Bamba has now announced plans to introduce 30 new channels this year with plans to grow the number to over 60 channels in the coming years. Bamba also plans to increase the number of sites to 25 from the current 12 with the goal of reaching a wider audience. KTN has also offered to co-produce programmes with Bamba TV aimed for the mass market.

The deal was also supposed to grow ad revenue for Standard group in its television segment. KTN and KTN News now reach a wider segment with Bamba TV also able to front local floating ads when one is watching content. The two are looking to offer a revamped advertised model capable of reaching mass and customized niche markets under one platform. The two also plan to come up with a new mechanism of rating broadcasters that is more conclusive away from the current model that uses estimation making it inconclusive.