Grandpa made burgers for his 6 grandchildren, 5 didn’t show up so Twitter reacted

IMG Credit: @kelssseyharmon
IMG Credit: @kelssseyharmon

Going viral is a random thing that happens on social media. It could be basically a random nondescript post done by some random person or a celebrity who posts a strong opinion about something. You can never predict it and when it happens, it usually generates a lot of conversation around it. Today’s viral tweet is about a grandad who made burgers for grandkids who didn’t show

One Kelsey posted a photo on Twitter which became a major talking point on Twitter today about the relationship between her grandad and his grandkids. Apparently, her grandad (who she calls “pawpaw”) made 12 burgers for her and 5 other grandkids and she was the only one who showed up.

From the photo, you can see pawpaw who is holding a half eaten doesn’t look too happy after being bailed out by his grand-kids. As it is usual with Twitter, people started commenting about the incident.

First it was all sympathy to the old guy.

The situation quickly turned to a meme fest as usual where people ridiculed the other 5 grandchildren who did not show up.

We have seen various tweets go viral pretty easy like the Damn Daniel one which as of now has close to 350,000 retweets. They were invited over to The Ellen Show (Ellen DeGeneres is famous for inviting people who went viral) where they were given a lifetime supply of Vans. This tweet could also go the same way where the old man and her granddaughter, Kelsey could be invited to the show. Someone even joked about this possible outcome.



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