This seemingly dumb video is all the rage right now

Damn daniel

Damn daniel

Once in a while, we get to see random photos or videos going viral on social media and specifically on Twitter and Facebook. Remember the overly attached girlfriend meme, on fleek vine that gave birth to the word “fleek and the one where a guy looks like he’s almost going to explode.

The latest viral video is equally dumb but as you know these sort of posts tend to go viral pretty quickly. It is a Snapchat video that was uploaded on Twitter where you see a guy presumably named Daniel being hyped by his friend about his white Vans sneakers.


In the video, Josh decided to follow around his friend, Daniel, around the school where in multiple scenarios, he taunts his white sneakers in a weird squeaky voice. The hit phrase from that video is: “Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans” and it is evident from the various scenarios where we see him wearing those sneakers.

It also inspired people to twitpic their white sneakers .

There is also a rap song that has been uploaded on YouTube that features the voice over from the video.

Some took the opportunity to sell branded t-shirts with the words “Damn daniel” and a picture of white sneakers.

There have been cases of people trying to sell white Vans sneakers on sites like Ebay with the Damn Daniel tag with ridiculously high price tags attached to them.

Some actually tried to emulate Josh’s voice (after inhaling Helium of course) and actually nailed it!

This would be a proper platform for the well known Vans company to take advantage of the free advertising it got from the viral video and they didn’t disappoint by posting a poll that features the catch phrase.

We don’t know how long this will last but definitely will change your way of how you view white sneakers from now on. Also, this video will go on so well with these vines.