Huawei P9 Lite Shows its Colours, Rumoured Specs Suggest it’s Not So Lite


Huawei will on April 6th announce the P9, its 2016 flagship smartphone. The device is expected to be available in several versions including a “Max” version, a “Premium” version and a “Lite” version alongside the “ordinary” version.

Images of the Huawei P9 Lite have surfaced on the web thanks to @evleaks. If anything it looks almost like the “ordinary/normal” P9 that we have been seeing lately. It will even have most of the top features and specifications of the P9 (like a full HD display and 3 GB RAM) save for the processor which will likely not be the high-end Kirin 950 and the build materials which are likely not to be all-metal like on its superior siblings.


The P9 Lite will also miss out on standout features of the other members of the P9 family like the dual-camera setup and the fingerprint sensor at the back.

While there are no more details on the P9 Lite, it will surely be very different from what we had last year with the P8Lite which was a mid-range device through and through.

With April 6th being two weeks away, we’ll soon get to find out more about the device and its siblings.


Source: Venturebeat