Google Search’s new trick is playing animal noises

animal noises

Google Search

Google Search has become smarter over the years since its introduction in 1998 as a basic search engine. Its primary function has been to display search results from your enquiries then later on was able to gain prediction powers thanks to the data they have received all those years.

But, Google Search has other unique tricks up its sleeve. If you type something like “calculator”, it will display a scientific calculator, typing “currency” will give you a currency convertor and typing “weather”will display the current weather conditions of your area. These subtle iterations to the Google Search experience have made it easy to get information on the go within Search and it is a cool thing to have.

Now Google has added another interesting functionality to Search. According to Google Austria, you can be able to know how various animals sound right within search. When you type “animal noises” you will be greeted with sounds from 19 different animals (duck, elephant, monkey, lion, moose, owl, pig, sheep, cat, raccoons, humpback whale, wolf, zebra, tiger, turkey, rooster, turtle and bowhead). This is how it looks like when you make the search inquiry:

animal noises

As you can see, it shows an animal with the name of the sound it actually makes and playing the sound is only a tap away on the loudspeaker icon. This feature is more of an educational tool where it can be used to teach young kids in lower primary about the sounds different animals make. The feature is currently available on mobile search and surprisingly not on desktop search.

The last time Google Search was updated with a new feature is when they debuted Destinations, which was meant to help potential tourists plan their next vacation with ease.

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