Google Search on mobile has a new feature, Destinations



Google Search has become an essential part of our modern digital lives and it is the embodiment of the quintessential nature of how we are heavily reliant on the web. Google Search has become the all knowing tool where me make billions of search queries a day on several topics.

Search has grown over time where now results are usually categorized into different categories: The general results, images, videos, news, maps, books apps and flights. Google Search on mobile has gained importance over time thanks to the increased use of mobile phones in the last decade.

Now Google monitors all the search queries people make on it site and specifically on mobile phones, they noticed that they had a 50 percent increase in travel related questions. It is no surprise people use Google Search to search for the place they would like to visit and that is why they have introduced a new feature to make this easier.

The new feature? Destinations on Google. This feature will help you make these travel related questions easier. It works in a certain way right on search where you query for the country, state or continent you would like to visit then add the word “destination” at the end. The feature is integrated well with Google Flights and Hotel Search so that you will be able to see the various hotel prices and available flights.

kenya destinations

The whole experience shows the wealth of data Google has on various locations around the world. In my search query, I tapped on Nairobi and gave a brief description about the city. Other bits of information that are provided include:

  • Top sights
  • Planning a trip on Google
  • When to visit
  • Videos about the location
  • Other places to explore

kenya destinations 2

The full experience is currently only on mobile because well most people nowadays browse the web on their phones. This will be a great boost for travelling agencies or countries that depend on tourism heavily and for aspiring tourists where they will easily get the information they need for a future visit.