Messenger targets businesses with new tools including one borrowed from Snapchat


Facebook Messenger is not slowing down and it is still being updated with new features and the latest update is an indication to that. Today, David Marcus, Facebook’s VP of Messaging Products announced new features that will be eventually rolled out to Messenger.

messenger code

According to his Facebook post, they will roll out several new features: First is Messenger Codes which are just like Snapchat Snapcodes. This was popularized by the latter where you scan a generated QR code. The QR code in this case will be used to start a messaging thread while on Snapchat, it is used to to add friends on the fly.Facebook says that Messenger codes will be used to start threads with businesses

Messenger Links is the second new feature they introduced to Messenger which will be used by businesses to create memorable links that use the “” format. When you click on such a link, it will open a conversation with the business within Messenger.


The other feature is usernames where finally Facebook has made it easy to find a business on Messenger. Your username is the name of your Page and will appear underneath the title at the forefront of your Page with the ubiquitous “@” symbol.


That is not all. Facebook also announced Messenger Greetings which are custom greetings that appear in a thread with a friendly touch so that they can inform the customers of the expected form of communication.

That is not all, David Marcus also announced a new milestone on Messenger: It now boasts 900 million active users which is interesting since they gained 100 million active users in exactly 4 months as per the previous announcement. Messenger’s active user base and its increased focus on businesses like the KLM Messenger bot gives it an edge over other chatting platforms and that makes it the platform to watch.

Source: David Marcus, Facebook Business

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