Microsoft Hub Keyboard Arrives on the iPhone



Towards the end of February, Microsoft’s experimental research projects team, Microsoft Garage, released a new keyboard to the Google Play Store to add on to its growing number of apps already available on the Android platform. Over a month later, the same keyboard app has hit iOS, Apple’s mobile platform.

Microsoft Hub Keyboard is available on the iTunes app store for free. It packs pretty much the same features as those found on the Android version. These include allowing users to sign in to their Office 365 accounts (which is a must if you are to get the most out of the keyboard anyway), as well as providing quick access to files stored in OneDrive. Thanks to iOS’ locked nature, some features found on the Android version of the keyboard app don’t make it to the iOS version. These include the ability to show all of the content available on the clipboard. The iOS app instead only shows users the most recently copied items. The translation feature that is built into the Android app is also missing.

Microsoft has been rumoured to be working on a keyboard app for iOS and Android that includes most of the functionality found on its WordFlow keyboard on Windows mobile devices.


Via MSPowerUser