Microsoft Starts Recruiting Beta Testers for iOS Word Flow Keyboard




That Microsoft will be releasing the keyboard application found on its Windows mobile devices to Apple’s mobile platform, iOS, is no secret. In fact, it is one of the worst-kept secrets in the mobile space so far this year. We have heard before that the company was working on porting the keyboard to iOS and even including some nifty features like that curvy one-handed mode (Arc mode). Yesterday, we got to see the keyboard app in action thanks to a user-submitted video posted on YouTube by MacRumours.

Microsoft is now inviting users of iOS devices like iPhones to register to beta test the application before it goes public.


If you have an iPhone and are keen to try out the keyboard and help Microsoft refine it before it hits the App Store soon, head over to this page, key in the email address you use on your iTunes account and cross your fingers. You never know, you might be one of the few selected for the closed beta test of the application.

The upcoming WordFlow keyboard app for iOS is developed by Microsoft Garage, the company’s special projects team that has also developed another iOS keyboard, Hub, which was released last week on the iTunes store. The same team is also response for tens of other applications on Android, Google’s mobile platform, that range from alarm clocks to launchers.

A page on the Microsoft Garage team’s website quotes some of the features of the Word Flow keyboard app for iOS as its extensive personalization, auto-correct, auto-filling of contact information since it has access to the contact book, intelligent prediction and ease of use with a single hand thanks to Arc mode.