Family Membership and Videos Come to Apple Music on Android

Say Hello to Apple Music from the Google side :-)
Say Hello to Apple Music from the Google side 🙂

When Apple Music made it to Android last November, there were two glaring omissions: users had to use either an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac in order to subscribe to and manage family accounts and there were no videos. Apple promised to add the two features at a later date and 6 months later, the company has delivered.

An update that has been rolling out all day through the Play Store brings the two features in version 0.9.8 of the application.

Last month, Apple updated the app which is still in beta, to support widgets.

The music streaming service has 13 million users according to Apple.

Family accounts on Apple Music allow up to six users to share a single subscription while still having control of each of their music tastes. It is also priced favourably for a group or family setting. In Kenya, family accounts costs $7.99 per month while individual subscriptions cost $4.99.