Lumia 520 No Longer the Most Popular Windows Smartphone 3 Years Later

Lumia 535 review

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is the most popular smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows mobile operating system. The device, which started selling in December 2014, pipped the legendary Nokia Lumia 520 to the title after the latter’s 3-year dominance of the Windows Phone charts.

Stats from AdDuplex, which tracks ads on Windows mobile devices, show that the Lumia 535 gained 0.5% market share to go ahead of the Lumia 520 which saw its share of the pie dip by 0.8% to 11.3%.


Once again, a low-cost device is the most widely used on Microsoft’s mobile platform. None of the more recent high-end devices running Windows have many users. The grandpa of them all, the Lumia 920, is the only high-end smartphone to make the cut with 2.6%. This is where we remind you that the Lumia 920 went on sale in November 2012! When the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy Note 2 were the hottest things in the market. Budget devices in the mid-range and low-end segments dominate the rank and file of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Even though Windows 10 Mobile’s market share has improved by a small margin thanks to several devices like the Lumia 535 getting the update, it is Windows Phone 8.1 that still leads the pack. The two-year-old mobile platform runs on nearly 80% of all Windows devices.


Overall, Microsoft, thanks to its Lumia smartphones, is the number 1 Windows mobile OEM with 97% market share. Other device makers like HTC, Samsung, Huawei, BLU and more share the under 3% that remains.