Galaxy Note 6 to Pack App That Mimicks One of BlackBerry 10’s Notable Features



Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Note 6 later in the year as is the tradition. One of the notable features that the company will be introducing to its software with the device is something users of BlackBerry’s Priv smartphone may have seen and interacted with: an application similar in functionality to the famous BlackBerry Hub.

The BlackBerry Hub, for those not in the know, is an app where notifications from social apps like Facebook and Twitter as well as email notifications can be centrally accessed and responded to directly. Many have termed it as one of the standout features of BlackBerry’s efforts in both its BlackBerry 10 and the changes it made to Android before loading it to the Priv.

According to Samsung fansite Sammobile, the Korean company is working on an application going by the name Samsung Focus whose functionality will be pretty much what BlackBerry Hub does. Samsung Focus will have email aggregation as a core feature while also integrating various functions from other apps like calendar, contacts and memos. Users will be able to respond to emails sent to any of their set accounts from the application. It is not clear at this point if all email apps (e.g. Gmail) will be supported or it will only be Samsung’s own email app. Users will also be able to see all the communication (emails, text messages) from one person in the dedicated contacts tab/page in the app. The same will apply to calendar appointments and reminders.