Uber’s new feature Trip Tracker notifies you of your Family Members Travels



Uber the San-Francisco based taxi hailing App has been quite popular across the world. Its popularity has disrupted the taxi market leading to cheaper fares and convenient way of paying for your rides.  Uber was largely individual based, where users hailed and paid for Uber rides from their own accounts. The only group feature available at time was split fare between a group of friends or family.

Early this year, Uber introduced a feature that allows one to hail an Uber for others. The users only needs to go to settings, tap on “Add Family Profile” then tap “Create Family Profile” which then lets you tap the contacts to add on the profile. The feature was and is still available in a few cities in the US, with roll out in other markets to take place later.

Still on the family profile, Uber has introduced a new feature called Trip Tracker, a feature that provides automatic notifications and the ability to follow along on the map whenever someone is riding under your Family Profile. You can follow the trip’s progress live on the map within your own Uber app with the ride automatically billed to a your family profile once  its completed.