Facebook has rolled out a Live Video map on the web

Facebook Live Interactive Map


Facebook has been rolling various Live Video  features to users in bits and one of the most touted features by the company is the Live Map. The company has now globally released Live Video Map and you can now access it on the web.

live videos

When you login on Facebook Web, you are greeted with the “Explore live videos around the world” banner on the left side of the page. Live Video Map is placed on the left side of the screen under apps and when you tap it, it will reveal a page like this:

Facebook Live Map

You will be greeted with a map of the world with the blue dots that represent the various live broadcasts being shared on Facebook. When you hover the curser over the blue dots, you can view a snippet of the specific broadcast being shared which includes the number of people watching the broadcast. You can also zoom on the map to get precise broadcasts in a specific country or a town which is quite handly. On the left, there is a pane which shows the various top Live broadcasts on Facebook and it changes from time to time. When you tap to watch a specific Live Video broadcast, you will also see other Live broadcasts in a carousel at the bottom in a bid to make you watch more Live videos.

live video carousel

This move by Facebook in conjunction with the notifications of live broadcasts will make you watch more videos on the platform. This aggressive push by Facebook has made Twitter make incremental changes on Periscope like saving broadcasts for longer and testing live buttons on Twitter and the battle is not yet over in the livestreaming space.