Apparently Snapchat has surpassed Twitter in terms of daily active users



Twitter is a pretty popular app in its own right but it is facing heavy competition from younger platforms and Snapchat is one of them. It is racking up impressive statistics like its video views and the latest one should be a worry statistic to Twitter execs.

According to Bloomberg, sources told the publication that Snapchat, the millennial friendly social network has 150 million people using the service daily. This statistic was quickly compared to Twitter’s figure which makes the 10 year old network smaller than the 4 year old network.

Twitter never explicitly divulges its daily active users but we know that it has 310 million active users of which 83% use mobile phones each month. But, Twitter had divulged in an earlier report that 44% of monthly active users and since it is apparently “stable”, this meant that the daily active user count is 136 million, which is less than Snapchat’s latest count.

This should be bad news for Twitter since they have been trying so hard to make it simpler for new users. In Snapchat’s case, it has gained prominence thanks to its photo first approach and fun stuff like the lenses and geofilters. Twitter started making serious changes to its core experience in a bid to make it easier for new users like changing the favourite button to the like button and the latest move that will apparently allow you to retweet yourself.

This news could also mean technically Snapchat may have more monthly active users than Twitter, but is way below Facebook which has a mammoth 1.65 billion monthly active users.

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