Jacob Juma topped the Google search results in Kenya in May



Google gets a lot of search queries every second and since it is possible to group search queries by the country of origin, the company usually releases this data. April’s data was quite interesting and since we are now in a new month, the May data is now out and it is not surprising at all.

The top search item tracked on Google done by Kenyans is not a surprise at all and it is the late Jacob Juma. The businessman died earlier in the month and the mystery surrounding the death prompted people to search more information about the matter.

The second most searched topic is is related to the top search item and it was Cheryl Kitonga, who after an expose became famous after Jacob Juma’s death. She was also defended by Caroline Mutoko on her YouTube channel which further contributed to the rise in search queries.

Soita Shitanda, the former Cabinet Minister died on 24th May and due to his prominence, his death led to be at the fourth of the most trending searches of the month

The fifth most trending search for May done by Kenyans is about a disease: Rubella. The Ministry of Health had issued a vaccination drive on all the counties in a bid to stem the spread of the disease.

Other top searches that rounded off the top 10 include:

As usual, there is the “How to” and the “What is” queries that Kenyans searched the most in May:

What is:

  • rubella?
  • a grammy?
  • hysteria?
  • a cover letter?
  • drooling?
  • epilepsy?
  • memorial day?
  • floating check?
  • climate change?
  • schengen visa?

How to:

  • stop prolonged menses
  • make simple fruit cake at home
  • style mambo twist
  • weight fast
  • file taxes online
  • make lemonade
  • how to have bigger hips
  • solve a rubik’s cube
  • use a computer
  • care for natural hair.