Singer Nyota Ndogo’s Wedding Photos Have Kenyans Losing their minds

nyota ndogo
Via Twitter
nyota ndogo
Via Twitter

Nyota Ndogo, the famous Coast based singer has been trending on social media, specifically Twitter thanks to photos that have surfaced on her wedding. Apparently, the wedding was “star studded” and happened in Voi as shared in this article complete with photos. Weddings are usually great moments for people where your friends celebrate your moment and to commemorate these moments, people take photos.

The singer uploaded some photos from her wedding a while ago on Twitter with the captions “Love is real, my wedding day” and “Love you”

They look like just random wedding pics right? Well, they were uploaded to the interwebs and of course the pictures elicited a flurry of opinions and were directed to her makeup.

First: A screenshot of her wedding photos that were posted on Facebook that shows the makeup job people were talking about.


More comments about the makeup job. Move along

Makeup job likened to crayons and the evil character from the Saw movie franchise.

GIFs are terrible guys

Another crayon comparison complete with a new one: Shoe polish

Clearly, people did not like the makeup job the singer had on for her wedding and not everyone had the same sentiment since some sympathized with the singer.

The singer has been trending for over 2 hours now and is currently the 2 most talked about topic in the country and that is only on Twitter. On Facebook, which has a bigger audience than Twitter, when you type her name down, it is denoted as a popular search where over 31,000 people are talking about this.