Google Simplifies Two-Step Verification With Google Prompt


At the moment, when two-step verification on a user’s Google account is enabled, that means using some backup codes or a code sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS in order to verify an account every time a new log in from an unfamiliar device is made. While that works well, we can all agree that atleast it could be made less of a hassle. That is happening with Google’s announcement of Google prompt.

Google prompt simply adds to the various options available to users for two-step verification and is meant to be the easiest of them all. When activated, users will be presented with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


The option is being rolled out to all accounts over the next few days. The primary target is users of Google Apps for whom security precautions like having two-step verification enabled is not a choice but mostly an organizational requirement. For the rest, it will likely be a great incentive to finally get more users to activate two-step verification since some stay away because of the extra hoops involved in the process.

To set up Google prompt once it becomes available to you, just go to: Sign-in & Security > Signing in to Google > 2-Step Verification in your Google Account settings.


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