Android N is Now Nougat: People Wanted it to be Nutella so Bad

It seems people really wanted it to be Nutella

Android Nougat

Android Nougat

One of Google’s traditions after buying Android was naming the new releases after confectionery in an alphabetical order and each year, the curiosity over the chosen name for the new version of Android has only heightened.

This year Google is slated to roll out the next version of Android which was given an abstract “N” tag since it was the next letter in the schedule. However, this year proved to be a little tricky since it seemed that there was not a whole lot of confectionery that would grant the new version of Android its name. It was so dire Google actually announced a website where they invited people for suggestions to name the next version of Android. However, it is all done now as they decided on a name: Android Nougat.

Google’s CEO took to Twitter to thank people for helping them choose

However, people started making fun of the announcement where they ridiculed the slow upgrade cycles Android devices have been plagued for years

Nutella was one of the favourites by Android fans out there and they were distraught by the news

Some predictions were way off

Some didn’t even care about the new name

On Facebook, the cry was the same. They had wished Google had named Android 7.0 to be Android Nutella

We can’t get what we want, can we? Although there were other names submitted to Google like Noodle pudding, Naneesh Tart, Nuts, Nonnevot, Naan,Nectar and so many others, it is good they have finally decided on a name. Oh and I was vouching for Android Nougat during Google I/O which is a win in my case.