Samsung’s S Health Gets Several New Features



S Health, the Samsung app that keeps track of one’s fitness, is getting more features. According to Samsung, the new features are being rolled out to coincide with the market availability of its new fitness-focused wearable, the Gear Fit 2.

Among the new features is Step Challenges, the ability for users to add friends and compete with those friends based on set targets. For those who will have several friends ready to battle out for who will make the most steps, there is even a leaderboard to keep track of everyone’s progress. For those who use multiple devices like say their smartphones which have pedometers as well as wearables, a new All Steps tab will pull data from all the devices and show the total steps taken.

Detect Workouts is a new option in the settings section of the app which when turned on will automatically detect when you’re running and start clocking instead of waiting to be manually started.

The update is being rolled out in phases so it may take a while before it hits your device. I’m yet to get it on mine.