This is Why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Trending in Kenya

Via: PresidentKE Twitter account

Kenya has had its fair share of state visits by high ranking government officials from other countries like the highly publicized visit by Obama last year and today another high ranking government official jetted in the country, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister is in the country for a three day visit and it is an important one since it has been decades since an Israeli Prime Minister visited Kenya. The President welcomed the Prime Minister to Kenya today and it was shown via the official President’s Twitter account.

However, Netanyahu’s visit brought a host of problems just like the Obama visit to Kenya. Some people who were commuting from their homes to work complained of the massive traffic jam while others complained that they were not warned early enough to escape the jam.

The visit had to be compared to the biblical Israel

Some compared his visit with our President’s visit if he visited Israel instead

Others wondered why the Prime Minister was not transported by air instead

More biblical jokes.

On Facebook, Kenyans expressed their agony over the traffic standstill thanks to Netanyahu’s visit to Kenya.

More traffic woes

Others wanted the President to Skype the Prime Minister

This joke again?

Since the Prime Minister is in Kenya for a three day visit during the weekday, you can expect heavy traffic during this week. You will expect people to use crowd sourced traffic info services like Ma3Route or Waze more this week to find the best time to head home in the evening or come to work early in the morning.

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