This Snapchat Feature Will Let You Recommend Accounts to Your Friends With Ease



Snapchat is quite popular and it registers active users in the hundreds of millions each day. However, there is a problem in that there is a big possibility of being in a cocoon of sorts since you only get to see content from people you have added as your friends on your stories page.

snapchat suggest feature

Now the company has implemented a feature that will allow you to share or receive interesting profiles to follow. The feature dabbed “Suggest” button appears when you go to your Stories list and make a long tap gesture to launch the profile as a pop up. The suggest button (highlighted by the red marker) looks eerily like the share to DM on Instagram is the star of the show here which when tapped loads the page show on the second screenshot to share the account with your friend(s).

The downside to it is that you may have to remember the person’s username or scan their Snapcode so as to share it to your friends. Unlike in other social networks like Facebook or Twitter where you see suggestions of people to connect with, in Snapchat’s case, you will have to use the long route to suggest interesting accounts to your friends.

You can be sure that popular Snapchatters will use this feature to the max to further widen their audiences in their network and will benefit people who want to see specific snaps from people thanks to a recommendation from their friends. This feature also comes at a time when they rolled out Memories which is a way to re-live past snaps and to add celebrities from Live Stories all in a bid to increase engagement within Snapchat.

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